The Construction and General Workers’ Local Union 180 has a rich and diverse history dating back over 50 years. On July 17th, 1967 Local 180 was established as we were granted charter by the Laborers International Union of North America. Laborers International Union of North America (LIUNA) is a governing body of more than 400 unions and 500,000 members across North America. The affiliation between Local 180 and LIUNA still stands today. Working together we protect the working rights and liberties of our members.

LIUNA was establish in 1903 when Samuel Gompers sent a calling to all local labour unions. That message was delivered to unions all operating independently as many single units. Samuel’s call to unite was answered and the International Hod Carriers and Building Laborers’ Union (IHC and BLC) was founded.

The first Constitution was published shortly after and it claimed jurisdiction over the following:

Wrecking of buildings
Excavation of buildings
Digging of trenches, piers, foundations, holes, lagging and sheeting of excavations
Concrete installation of floors, foundations or any other (by hand or any other process), signaling, handling of concrete buckets
Tending Masons & Plasterers — mixing, handling all materials, building scaffolding, building of proofing centers, drying of masonry and plaster
Tending Carpenters
Clearing debris from buildings
Shoring, underpinning and renovating of old buildings
Handling of dimension stones

Over the next 100 plus years the name of the organization would change and eventually become Laborers International Union of North America. The roles defined in the Constitution covered would also change over time as many other unions joined LIUNA and expanded our reach.

The impact that LIUNA had on worker’s rights have been profound. These impacts were not only in wages, but also through health insurance, pensions, disability coverage, and other benefits offering greater physical and financial security.

During the civil rights era of the 1960’s LIUNA was on the forefront and showed to the world that they support all workers, even marching with Martin Luther King Jr. The latter part of the 1900’s seen advances in safety and training for our members, important pieces to a successful and rewarding working life.

These foundation pieces have supported and shaped Local 180 into what we are today. Those core beliefs and forward thinking ideas are evident in everything we do. Local 180 and LIUNA are committed to the working rights of our members and take from our exceptional history and build on it. We move forward while never forgetting the past.